Consultants & Trainers

Chairman Steven Ferry was born in the South of England, where he attended private schools and Art College. He worked both in the hospitality industry and in private service in England during the 1980s, before training as a butler in England and then working as one in the United States. In the early 1990s he established the International Guild of Traditional Butlers and wrote a manual on how to butle. By the mid-1990s, he had left private service to focus on his writing career but was drawn back into the butling world with requests to consult and train.

Drawing on his early years as an educator in England and Florida, he has trained thousands of butlers and other staff around the world in private estates, five-star hotels and resorts, cruise lines, corporations, and other venues.

In the continued effort to improve service offerings in the hospitality industry, in 2003 he introduced the Spa Butler as a resource for hotels and resorts with spas to assist them in bringing about the ultimate spa experience for guests. In 2006, he introduced rating standards for butlers to the hospitality industry . In 2007, he introduced the concept of the Guest from Hell and helped establish the HotelSafeguard program for hotels.

He has published five textbooks for the profession:

  • The British Butlers Bible (2001)
  • Butlers and Household Managers, 21st Century Professionals (2002)
  • Hotel Butlers, the Great Service Differentiators (2004)
  • Serving the Wealthy, Volume I (2016)
  • Serving the Wealthy, Volume II (2016)

Mr. Ferry is on the Editorial Board of Hotel Business Magazine and writes for half-a-dozen other trade magazines, with over forty feature articles published so far. He has lectured on butlers and superior service standards at a number of venues, including Harvard and Moscow Universities.

Mr. Ferry continues to consult and train around the world, as well as provide advocacy for the butler profession through his writings and speeches.

Prior to working in the hospitality profession, Mr. Ferry was a professor of education and worked in the non-profit sector in various capacities. He has published over twenty books, as well as hundreds of articles & photographs for major US publishers and corporations.

Professional Affiliations

  • Founder, International Guild of Traditional Butlers (1992)
  • Executive Member, International Guild of Professional Butlers (past)
  • Founder, The International Institute of Modern Butlers (2004)
  • Visiting Professor, The International Butler Academy (past)
  • Editorial Board, Hotel Business Magazine (2005)


Amer A. Vargas graduated with a Tourism Degree specializing in hotel management from CETT (Center for Tourism Studies) in Barcelona and spent the following decade in the service industry. Beginning as a waiter and then moving up to supervisor in high-end restaurants, he was next made responsible for raising service standards through staff training programs. After receiving further training as a butler, he worked as a butler and valet in private service as well as in hotels in England and Europe. During this time period, he translated the best-selling industry texts Butlers & Household Managers, 21st Century Professionals and Hotel Butlers, The Great Service Differentiators into Spanish.

As President, Mr. Vargas is responsible for making the technology of butling available in private residences and hotels around the world, particularly in the Spanish-speaking countries. He provides consultation, placement, and training services in these countries. Currently he is creating butler training materials in the Spanish language.


Ms. Monica Ferry was born and raised in Holland. Speaking English and Dutch fluently, French and German acceptably, she worked in the non-profit sector in Europe and the United States in a variety of capacities, including as a teacher, for over 15 years.

Monica later worked as a head housekeeper in England, as part of a household management team with her husband. When they moved to the United States, she resumed her earlier profession as a paralegal for the Small Business Administration in Alaska and for the plaintiffs on the Exxon Valdez oil spill case. She subsequently earned her Masters in Business Administration and worked as the business manager for three small businesses in Florida.

She currently runs the day to day affairs of the Institute from her position as the Executive Director at the Institute’s headquarters. From time to time, she assists with teaching larger classes, including teaching executive skills to butler managers.


paul-photoMr. Paul Vincent Benedict Brown Trained by the Royal Household of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Paul Brown served at Her Majesty, as well as taking care of visiting Heads of State and worked privately for individual members of the immediate Royal Family in Buckingham Palace and at their private residences.

After his departure from Buckingham Palace, he served as Butler/House Manager for renowned TV producer Aaron Spelling and other UHNW individuals over the years.

He then left service to share his knowledge and expertise as a trainer while also taking on the General Manager position for a couple of years at the exclusive resort, Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island in the Maldives, during which he applied the same standards to the resort, earning it multiple rewards (such as World Luxury Hotel Awards and World Travel Awards, both of which recognized the resort as the best Luxury Private Island Resort in the world).

He currently consults and trains occasionally for the Institute while also serving the Royal Saudi Household in Saudi Arabia and France, responsible for all palace operations and services.


Fiona CameronMs. Cameron-Williams trained in the United Kingdom and Les Roches School of Hotel Management in Switzerland. Six years of further education prepared her to move to the Middle East for ten years, serving Bahrain’s Royal Family. She managed protocol for VIP events, supervised the care of visiting dignitaries, and honed her natural ability to recruit and build teams of superior service professionals from around the world.

In America’s Washington State, Ms. Cameron-Williams managed numerous homes for a Fortune 500 CEO and his family before becoming Head Butler at the legendary Cloister Hotel on Sea Island in Georgia. There she created an elegant balance of the formal butler service found in Europe in its heyday, and genteel Southern hospitality. Hand-picking and managing a team of 65 in this world-class resort, she set a new gold standard for both the hospitality and resort industries.

Currently Ms. Williams is a Professor of Hospitality Management at The City University of New York and conducts International Etiquette and Protocol Classes at the United Nations School in New York.


Wayne Fitzharris is a Master of H.C.I.M.A. (Hotel & Catering International Management Association) and studied marketing at Cornell University. As its Director and lead trainer, he oversees The International Guild of Butlers and Housemanagers, (IGBH) which looks after the recruitment, placement and training of Executive Butlers, Household Managers, Household and Hospitality Staff around the world. Wayne has also been asked to supply consultancy and etiquette training for many of the families he worked for around the world. In addition to his training commitments, Wayne is a Director of Global Search International responsible for the Executive Recruitment of the Hotel Industry’s leading players in some of the finest resorts around the world.

Wayne began his career at the Dorchester Hotel, and helped open St Andrews Old Course Hotel in Scotland, which won the Caterer Magazine’s “”Hotel of the Year” award. Two years later he took on the role of Household Manager for the Royal Family of Jordan, in Amman, where he supervised over 750 staff, and was tasked with training and bringing the standards up to date.

In 1996, Wayne developed his training skills at various luxury resorts and restaurants around the world. By 2002 he had set up Global Search International and in 2006, joined forces with the International Institute of Modern Butlers LLC.


Paul Hogan is a butler/estate manager with many years of international experience. An Australian by birth, he has resided in the USA on and off since 1992. While there, he gained notoriety as “the butler” on the two hit television reality shows, “Joe Millionaire.”

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Mr. Hogan entered the Australian Diplomatic Service. Over the next two decades, he served in Canada, Yugoslavia, the Caribbean, Los Angeles and Argentina. The complete management of Australian Embassies became his area of expertise and as a Consul, he provided assistance to fellow countrymen who found themselves in need.

As a butler/estate manager, Mr. Hogan has worked in Aspen and New York City, with short-term assignments in the United Kingdom, France, and Italy.