The Floating Condos of the Carib

| September 29, 2011 |

Spent two weeks cruising around the Bahamas and Bermuda in floating condominiums, training very eager butlers.

Even managed a sail around Bermuda in a Cat

Colorful government-assisted housing graces one shoreline. Each condominium costs about $250,000, while we can’t even give away comparable housing in the US for 1/10th of that price: a curious example of supply and demand, made all-the-more curious by the huge demand for housing among America’s millions of homeless.

A more upscale neighborhood in Bermuda

Bermuda is hit by hurricanes, but their building codes require reinforced concrete that can withstand Category Four storms; and they do not have any storm surge, as they do not have a continental shelf—so the water passes right by them.

Petrol is $9 a gallon, over twice the US price, but then on an island something like one mile wide by twenty miles long, they don’t use much petrol—even in their speedboats!


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Steven Ferry is chairman of the International Institute of Modern Butlers and the author of bestsellers "Butlers & Household Managers 21st Century Professionals" and "Hotel Butlers, The Great Service Differentiators." He also trains and consults for the profession around the world.

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    Thank you Prof Ferry for giving us the opportunity of being your students.

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